Kielder Observatory

The Northern Lights! What are they? How do we see them? They have influenced fairy tales and folklore for millennia, shaped communites and religious beliefs, provided civilisations with incredible stories of galant valour and past spirits.

There is a scientific explanation for these events, and tonight we will explore how science has discoverd the processes that create the aurora in the sky. Learn about the incredible energy that the sun releases second by second, how this energy interacts with the earths atmosphere and gives us a light show like no other...

Tonight we cannot guarantee that you will see aurora but they have been observed from the Kielder Observatory many times. Most importantly we will teach you how to find them so that when you leave you will be proficient in knowing when and where to look.

After the talk we will have a tour of the facility taking in the telescopes and how they work, we will open up the observatories and peer into deep space and observe stars and other objects.

All the staff at the observatory will be on hand to answer all questions... dark matter and beyond!

For more information and dates, please visit the Kielder Observatory website.